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Would a firepot of this size be big enough??


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I just got back from picking up sheet metal for a new coal forge. Enough plate (somewhere around 3/32"-1/8") to make the hearth table and side draft hood. I also picked up a [iece of 1/2" wall thickness pipe 4" deep and 7 3/4" inside diameter. Would 4" deep by 7 3/4" inisde diameter be big enough for a good firepit? Lots of welding to be done in it. The whole pot would be made from 1/2" steel but Im curious about the diameter. What do you think?

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Sort of depends on what *YOU* are planning to forge.

Sounds OK for the bottom section of a firepot and or not terribly big stuff.

Or to put it another way "more than you need for knives not nearly enough for battleship driveshafts"

Im kinda worried about the 7 3/4" diameter. We weld a lot of tomahawks and big cable. Im not convinced it will hold a big enough fire for what we need.. :unsure:
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I'm no pro, but it sounds small to me.

I'm using an 8x10 inch right now for everything and it needs to be bigger. (That size is good for demo's but not for larger everyday use.)

Sounds like you do have a good piece though. I'd do like the others said and use it as the bottom and then expand the top. (Though I probably woudn't use all four inches then. I'd do like 2 inches of the pipe and 2-3 inches on top of it that went out to maybe a 12 inch diameter.)

Just a thought! Good Luck!

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