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I Forge Iron

Making a 8" bowie

Dean O Riordan

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Hi all,

Okay i am making a new knife and it's the best knife iv made so fay ( well i think so :rolleyes: )
The steel i am using is 5160. I have forged out the blade and tang, started the handle made the but cap and hand gard, all i have to do now is harden the blade and then temper it, and polish the blade but it all together file down the but cap until it fit's the shape of the handle.
Here are some pic's of what iv don so far.

The pictures are from the start of the project to what iv don so far.


More to come :D
I have still a lot of work to do with it but im all most there :D

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very good work, but that is a lot of work to do before heat treat. if it fails heat treatment that was a lot of good work wasted :( but 5160 is pretty forgiving, so the likelyhood of success is good. :) BTW what kind of wood is that? very nice knife so far, keep up the good work. Ed Steinkirchner

Thank you
The wood is oak, i got some off cut's off a fancy oak staircase on a job i was working on last mouth.
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nice bowie cant wait to see it finished

Thanks, i can't wait to get it finished :D
This is only my 3rd forged knife iv made so far, the first one i made which i still have, was not very good looking.I used an old file to make the blade and then i got lazy and used a wooden file handle for the handle, the seconded one i made which you might of seen in one of my last post, was much better BUT the handle did not go very well with the blade, the handle looked good and the small 4" blade looked good but together not good :rolleyes:
This time i thing iv got it right and iv gone all the way with this one, by making all the part's needed to make the knife.
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ok i did the Harding and tempering the other night, and to night i started to polish it, First i had to remove the scale from the steel which i found to easy, any way i got the blade all smooth and sharp and wanted to test it out even thou it not finished. so i cut some paper all was good so far but when i chopped into a piece of wood and then looked at the blade i seen a dint in the blade, now it's not a big dint but a dint that should not be there.
now i did the very same thing as i did when i hardened the last knife, but for some resin the blade is just not hard as the last one :unsure:

So does anyone know why this is and is there anything i can do to fix it ?
Oh i used old engine oil to cool the blade in.


Here is a pic of the dint.


Oh the only thing that i did do different this time is i use my gas forge i made to harden the blade,last time i use the coal forge

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