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Yes that is a 500# LG. One of the pictures shows a 25#, a 50# and the 500# hammers
This shop is located South East of Rochester, MN.
The reason is is called Tunnel Mill is the proberty is located on a creek with a small land mass between where the creek makes a bend. Not sure what the elevaton change is but the creek runs approx one mile in this bend. In1860s someone blasted a 7 X 7 foot tunnel a few hundred feet through limestone to make a water race for a grinding mill.
A dam was put in the creek to make a pond and water was deverted through the race to run the mill. They built the tunnel from both ends and it lined up were close where they met. The original building is the first few pictures.

Later in the year they have classes schedualed with the following instructors
Tom Latane'
Peter Renzetti
Kirsten Skiles
Bill Fiorini
There may still be some openings.

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