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Building a Gasser For the First Time


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I know of hundreds of blueprints and tidbits for this sort of thing, but, being a very "measure twice, cut once" type of person, I figured it would be in my best interest to ask, before investing.

I'm getting my bricks from a kiln and pottery supply, but seeing as they're rather expensive little monsters, I'd like to maximize productivity and recyclability so I can re-use or re-purpose them later.

The bricks in question are 3000*F rated, 9x4.5x2.5". The reason I'm going for bricks is simply because I need something that's as durable as I can manage, since while I may be finicky, I'm not always the most delicate of people.

My burners are twin Zoeller Burners with MIG tips and Stainless Flanges, no choke plate.

My main issue is the maximizing size of the firebox I can afford without beginning to lose the ability to weld, or run into cost problems.

My current plan is looking at 16 bricks, with a enclosed firebox of 6"W 4.5"H 18"D, with two sliding gates.

This brings up my first issue, is it wise to possibly cut down on the bricks at the base, by copying the configuration of the roof/ceiling? This would reduce the brick amount by 2, but may compromise the structural integrity.

My second problem is where to actually place the burners, I was considering the lower left side, and have the two wall bricks drilled out with a water-lubricated masonry bit or the like.

My third problem, touched on above; the size of the firebox itself. With a volume of 486"^3, I'm unsure if two Zoeller burners will allow me to reach welding heats efficiently.

I truly appreciate any assistance with this matter.

With Regards,

P.S. Attached is a rough idea of my forge, don't mind the colors, it picks them for contrast.



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If you are going the brick route look into the "sidewinder" adjustable designs, it's a roof on a jack and you reconfigure the bricks to the volume you need. Heating large volumes to welding heat sucks up a huge amount of gas, but if you can adjust your forge to a smaller size for when you don't need a large forge you will be in much better shape both heat and fuel usage wise.


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My first forge was a fire brick one, and It took me a couple months befor I found a design I liked and finnally mortor'd it together. But thats the nice thing about the bricks is you can play around with it... try putting the burners on the side, then the top and change the whole size of it. this is also going to depend on the type of work your doing. I dont know if you where going to do something about the base, but you should get a metal plate and have it raised above your work bench. once the bricks heat up they stay hot for hours

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