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5160 EDC in Amboyna Burl

Graham Fredeen

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Hey folks,

Been a long while again, so thought I'd better make another post at last. Just finished up this little guy as a commission for a collector down in NM. He started out wanting a full tang EDC with micarta grip, but happened along a nice piece of amboyna burl, so it turned into this instead.

5160 blade with hand rubbed finish
Blade length: 4"
Overall length: 9"
Stainless guard,spacers, and pin
Stabalized amboyna burl handle
Inside pocket carry sheath (left undyed at customer's request)








Have a good one guys.

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Very classy piece.

Looks like a real user, but that wood really sets it off.

Good work.


Thanks Don.

Got to love that amboyna burl for sure. This was a really nice piece too. Amboyna burl is up pretty high on my list of "favorite" woods in terms of figure and color. Ironwood burl probably tops that list, followed maybe by some buckeye burl, box elder (especially some of the dyed stuff), black ash burl is pretty amazing as well, thuya burl... better stop or I'll be here all day, lol. There are so many nice woods and its that natural figuring and natural beauty that I think really adds to a piece.
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Beautiful package. Too pretty to use.

Thanks Donnie.

While it is a nice knife with a higher-end finish, "too pretty to use" is all relative to the customer. What some folks call a good using knife, others call display pieces. Some will use a knife for everyday work that some would hardly dare to touch for fear of "ruining" it. I think the customer plans on using this blade, at least for some light cutting tasks. Either way this knife is made to perform and certainly will, whether it ever has to or not :)
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