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Blacksmithing in Nevada

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I'm looking for beginner/intermediate blacksmithing classes in the Lake Tahoe vicinity. I went to ABANA, but they don't list an affiliate organization for Nevada. Is there one or an organization for blacksmiths even if it's not affiliated with ABANA?

Thanks for any information,
Jim Dunning

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California Balcksmiths Association is the place for you! Don't remember the link... calsmith.org I think. I'm working on getting something going in Grass Valley and there are clinics planned for Placerville now. Give them a look and JOIN! Great bunch of people!

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It's been quite a while since I spent ANY time in that part of the country but my folks built a house on Lake Davis, just off I-70 so I did spend a little time there on vacations. What I did was hit coffee shops with a good sized "REGULARS" table. The regulars are the old farts who sit around drinking coffee and solving the worlds problems. Why I looked for them is they always know more about what's going on than any information stand folk.

So, it wasn't long before I found out there was an old Railroad camp that had been turned into a museum with a smithy. I put the word out and left my folks contact info. The next time I was down I had a place to go play with fire and hit things.

Then there was a smith in Yerrington(sp?) Nev, E or SE of Reno, he was in the yellow pages and a good guy. We got along anyway.

You can also check Virginia City, there wasn't a working smithy last time I was there but the place is always changing and smithing was a historical must for the mining industry so a living history museum thing may have opened since I was there.

I wish I could be more help.

Frosty the Lucky.

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Just keep on going until you reach Santa Fe, NM, and come to my school.

I gave two blacksmithing clinics at the Elko, NV, Cowboy Poetry Gathering in 1998 and 1999, and had students from all over, but not too many from Nevada.

http://www.turleyforge.com Granddaddy of Blacksmith Schools

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Don't know how far this would be for you. But Gordon williams gives classes at pieh tool co. . He did a spring workshop and demo for our Texas group a while back . I wasn't able to attend any of his classes but the demo was very imformative . We liked him so much we are haveing him back in april. Here is the link to pieh tools site http://www.piehtoolco.com/contents/en-us/d1460.html .

Aaron Tilton

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