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How long do you bake your steel??

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Hi all,
I happened upon an old run of the mill toaster oven at a garage sale today, and then happened to notice that the temperature setting went too 500 degrees farenheit and then went about another 25-30 degrees (like circle degrees not temperature degrees) around the circle to a MAX setting. Hm...five dollars....So once it got home I plugged it in and borrowed a lazer thermometer gun, sure enough the thing , on MAX , reaches around 550 degrees. So now that i've found a makeshift heat treating oven to draw temper with, I wonder how long, per inch , steel needs to stay at a given temperature to heat through. I believe I read in one of my books that it was one hour per inch , but now i can't find that passage. Any ideas on this??
Thanx all
-Aaron @ The SCF

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