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Fire Poker 'fer me Pa

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Hey all,

I just finished a fire poker for my Dad's b-day. It's probably the 3rd or 4th project I've done. It's not super nice or anything, but I thought I'd post it so you guys could see where I'm at with stuff. Plus in a year or so I'm sure I'll get a kick out of looking back at the pics. They're just taken from a cell phone too, so they ain't that sharp.




I'll need to start using a real camera soon I guess :)




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Pretty nice for a 3rd or 4th project!! I like the addition of the "wave" between the poker and the handle, makes it look more natural than a straight length of stock. And don't feel bad about not having a "real" camera, I'm still taking pictures (like real 35mm pictures) and running them through a pre-owned scanner ;)

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I gave it to him without a finish, and warned him that it might want one.

Honestly I just haven't done any kind of finish yet. This weekend I was reading about different types of finishes in one of the metal books I picked up. I think I'll end up getting used to using some sort of wax based finish. What do you suggest?

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