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Bandsaw Blade Repair~~HELP

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I am hoping someone can tell me the right way to either weld or braze together some new band saw blade stock for my wells saw, I have tried to TIG welding and have a 50% good or bad = brakes at weld run :( the saw shop I use to send them to is 2Hrs away and no longer in Biss and I have 5 new blades that are a 1/2 to long DARN IT well better than to short lol
Now Eqt I have for the job is a -- Tig welder Ox/Ac or propane torch small tips also Henrob torch and I do have saw blade clamping block to weld on, Ive tried Tig welding with high carbon rod worked best also tried 308 stainless, the only torch rod I have at this point is plane brass or work harding brass if needed I can get whatever is needed from welding supply to do the job right

THANKS for you're help Steve

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I`ve had good luck grinding a scarf joint on the ends and then using silver braze to join.
If you have a machine shop close they probably have a blade welder that they use to make up their own blades and can weld yours for you.You will pay whatever the shop minimum is to have it done so may as well bring all the blades you have and get them done too.

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When ever you bring heat treatable material to a high heat and cool it quickly, you have hardened it. AFTER IT COOLS TO ROOM TEMPERATURE, you have to temper (draw) it. So, after it has cooled to where you can touch it, you need to re-heat it, depending on the material, to at least past blue. By drawing you should be able to get more consistent results with your TIG welding.

Scarfing and silver brazing is a good way to go. Whatever way you go, be sure to maintain the tooth geometry, don't have a big gap or two teeth too close.

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