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This is a project I am working on with a local artist. I didnt do any of the fun stuff... I built all the back support framing and structural parts... This thing is about 26' long and 18' tall.... After powder coat I I get to go install this thing in the side of a building in Ballard WA... When its done it will have glass centers in some of the flowers and a big glass fireworks burst looking thing up in the far left... Fun project!

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I spent the day yesterday installing this thing... The glass bits will go in on Tuesday and I am still trying to get the gate/door thing figured out. It has panic hardware and a card swipe thing... a bugger to get everything working togehter... But I am glad to have this much in... First time I took my "new" forklift out on a job and it did wonderfully! I just bought it off eBay from a fellow in Hollister CA.. He bought it brand new and only has put 1100 hours on it in the last 15 years... Its a mate to my last lift, only it had 14,000 hours... With a glut of lift trucks on the market I figured it was prime time to update ;)4430599231_34a9a7ba6a.jpg

I'll try and get some more pictues once its really finished ...

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Man that`s a lot of metal hangin` there!
That`s somewhat larger in scale than I thought,those flowers are HUGE.The glass centers really ought to stand out at that size.
Prettiest riot gate I`ve seen so far.

Why all the security?What do they plan to put behind it?

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