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Jackson chandelier

Gayle Brooks

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Thank you guys for reading :)

Forgot to show how I set up the arms and eyes so it can hang. Starting from the bottom I measured from the top of one ring to the bottom of the ring above it. Made adjustments so I had even space around the perimeter of each ring to its self and of course made sure it was level. Then once I did that to every ring, I did the layout of where the arms "should" be and ran string from the top to the bottom and visually made sure it was a straight line and transferred my line to the chandelier as ref points to attach my eyes and arms.


We hung it and it stayed level! Was so happy, I slept pretty hard that night.

So we broke it down, did final detail and clean up then painted. When it comes to painting I read alot of debating about what is better and the processes involved. We keep it pretty simple. Using a clear Lacquer we get a Brand called Deft. It works well and clients like the feel of the paint. In this case no one is touching this, but we keep it consistent. For bathrooms we use a clear polyurethane. The only time I have noticed the paint fail ,for inside applications, there was moisture in a joint --typically gun bluing that was not removed properly-- or caused by someone on the job site using our items as a tool rest, hang wet rags, etc. Drives me crazy.


Almost done...now for wiring

left is assembled

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It is just so nice to see this fine project taken from start to finish through text and pictures.
Thanks for taking the time to document and post this.I know I always learn something by being able to see how fine craftsmen do the things they do so well.

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Rory - Thanks for sharing the sequence of events of this porject and the photos. This helps show that there is lots more that goes into a project than a days fabricating and a little forging. The way everything went together is very pleasing to the eye. Thanks again! - Jeremy

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Glad everyone has enjoyed the process. :)

In the end this chandelier was 570 lbs, 6 1/2' tall, 6' wide and hung 11' from the ceiling to the bottom of the chandelier. The other smith we have in the shop took these progress pics of the install. Craig and I are in the pics (thanks Sam W.!)

We talked about the different ways how to "safely" hang such a large object. We had one eye mounted to an I-beam and that was to support this whole thing. Wwe decided to build this from the top down and assemble each piece one at a time. There was an idea to assemble the whole thing on the floor and hang the hoist on the chain the chandelier hangs from, but we would not have a place to stand to "hook" it on the chain and remove the hoist.


Here the wire box and the first ring are hung. Wiring this was tedious and high fiddle factor.

Everything had a mark of which arm is was and what ring it went too.

Ring 2 on.

Ring 3. Craig and I getting the last bit of wiring done.

A cool pic. (looks like my "map" for how the sconces were going to set.)

These are the final pics for the portfolio.

Thanks for everyone reading and replying. Most of all thanks for those who put in the time to keep this forum up and running. It is a nice venue to be able to communicate, share and hopefully clearly explain some of the other iron work going on around.

-Rory May

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Really nice piece. Well conceived and executed. Exactly what that space needed. Thank you for detailing the process with fantastic photos and great detailed info. Your posts are interesting, informative, and help to motivate everyone to raise their game on many levels. Can't wait for the next one. :)

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