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New Coke Forge broken on delivery...


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You could use some fire cement to seal it up, especially if you are using a hand cranker. Many often have valves on electric blowers to reduce the air flow so it would not matter if you were losing some air here, just open the valve a bit and you would have plenty of air.

Basically, it depends on how "neat" you like your forge to look and what type of blower you have hooked up.


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I would take a small piece of flat bar just bigger than the cracked bit to bridge it all together. like 3/4" by 1/4" and punch or drill a hole in the center. Use that as a clamp to hold it all together. Put a touch longer bolt in and install it. It ought to work just fine. I have seen more than a few blacksmith repairs done in this fashion that lasted a good long wile.

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If you end up keeping the piece, you can weld it with cast iron rod. Heat the piece up first with a torch, weld it and then almost cool it with the torch.
I have the same pot and have nothing between the two pieces. Did you get the 3" air gate ? This will make life easier for you.
I wouldn't sweat the broken piece, Bekki and the gang at Centaur are good, they'll make it right.

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