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Tools and Steps for Earrings

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Thanks very much for sharing that. I can see how it could be adapted to other things. Do the hoops made actually go through the ears, or do you attach something else to them. I ask because mild steel doesn't seem like the hypo-allergenic thing to have in your earlobes.

Either way, I have to make some.

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I think these are copper... right Brian? In the final pics they seem silvery? You could easily use sterling silver to forge them or even surgical stainless steel for very sensitive wearers. In my time as a jewelry forger/fabricator I found that most people could wear sterling and fine silver wires but a small number require gold or the surgical stainless. GOLD! WOW! These would look GREAT in gold Brian! Hmmm by my rough (VERY rough) calculations I would guesstimate a foot of 1/4" square rod in 14k gold to cost around $6,000.00!!! You really only use about 1/2" of material though... so that would make a dozen pairs... around $500.00 per pair. A BARGAIN!! But maybe some of us'll have to settle for sterling. My same rough calculations say around $60 to $65 for the same 1 foot rod of sterling... or around $5.00 per pair = AMAZING bargain!!.!.

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Shortdog and bigfootnampa, I forged these from 99.9 fine silver. Fine silver forges just like steel, but you have alot more time to move it, just like pure copper. Sterling silver responds more like brass. Gold would be nice, but it has been a bit cost prohibitive for me.

Shortdog, I do use this 2 sided taper on near and far side of the anvil technique for many other things. It allows you to isolate material and keep it straight while you work across the anvil face.
The tapered ends do go into the ears.

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