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Stiletto Anvil Maker?

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Stiletto anvil
25” long, 10.5” tall, 9” X 10” base
Half inch thick face, 4” wide, 1” hardy hole, half inch pritchel hole
Strong rebound and clear ring
By the parting line on the base, I think it’s cast steel
By the dividing line under the tail, I think it was forge welded on
124 stamped on the off side seems about right for the weight
The serial number 21569 appears on the right foot below the horn
The Stiletto trade mark on the off side is dinged up but still discernable
This trade mark is the same as the old Stiletto Cutlery Co. and is now in use by Stiletto Tools that manufactures high end hammers and pry bars for the building trades
Baker & Hamilton est. 1849 in California and once the biggest hardware distributer west of the Mississippi sold Stiletto merchandise. They also had a manufacturing facility. Did they make anvils?
If not, who made my Stiletto anvil?
Most likely makers from responses to a previous inquiry are Trenton or Arm & Hammer
I’m thinking that there must be other anvils like this out there.
All comments, guesses and factual info is most welcome
Thanks for making this site so great. Steeler.







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