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I Forge Iron

my forge from scrap metal


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post-9588-12657067668778_thumb.jpgpost-9588-12657070198411_thumb.jpgpost-9588-12657068090803_thumb.jpg[it took some work to weld that stuff in the scrap pile into a working forge but it paid off.
I fired it up for the first time yesterday on softwood charcoal with an old hair dryer for air and am pleased that it could reach welding heat. :D
I was inspired to do this build by what I have seen and read on this site. Thanks to all of you that have contributed. Any comments, suggestions or criticisms are welcome. Steeler.
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Congrats, an excellent design and a very nice welding job! I agree, the coal storage is very nice.

What are your future plans for a blower? Will you go with an electric blower? or a manual or crank style?

As a suggestion...
Would you consider adding a wide slot opening in the back or maybe a fold down opening that would allow long pieces to pass through?

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Thanks for the feedback.
IanR, I got the idea for the fuel bin from this site. Very convenient to use.
Bill Roy, I am a self taught welder and I have to grind most of my welds to make them look decent, but my stuff seems to hang together OK even with rough use. With more practice; I may not need to grind off so much in future. A front mounted switch to control the blower would be a big improvement. Thanks. I have visions of using a hand crank blower in future, especially if I do any demonstration work. I see myself sharing what I learn about this noble craft.
IanR, Thanks for your comment. I have been gradually getting interested in smithing as the next logical step from welding and fabricating, and now I'm jumping in with both feet. It's gotten into my blood now and I look forward to learning everything I can about it. If this works out the way I think it will; I will be at it as long as I can still wield a hammer.
Thaks guys. Steeler. :D

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I like it! Then again I made my own also so I am partial to home made from scrap. I would also say have an opening at the back side for longer pieces. My forge has a raised lip all around except for 12" on the front and back except for the back I made a "gate" that I can remove should the need arise. Seeing your fuel trough on the side like that gives me an idea of making one I can add to the side of my forge also. Great work.

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Nice design. It will be easy to upgrade to a different blower and other accessories. Plenty of room on the table to collect a lot of xxxx.. I mean tools. I put a rack on one side to hang all my tongs and have a speed control and lever for the air gate handy to my left hand. Good job.

One iron gets in your blood, there is no recovery.

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