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new guy hardies


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Hello, and thanks to all of you that make this site so great. I have been greatly encouraged by your advice and comments to get more involved in this noble craft of blacksmithing. I have made a few accessories for my anvil and would like to share a photo of them. The hot cut and 3/8" fuller are recycled, discarded excavator bucket teeth. The bending hardy has a base made from a 1" slice of RR track. Any comments, criticism welcome. Thanks again. Steeler. :D


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Let me think over your offer Paul42'. I don't like to make snap decisions. :rolleyes:
CurlyGeorge, I've tried 'em all now, and they work good. I have lots of experience with improvising, but having the right tool for the task at hand makes the work a pleasure. Can we ever have too many tools? Nah!!
Rob Browne, I never thought about that. I hogged off the high spots from my welding with a really coarse cup grinding wheel without considering the need for a smooth surface.
Thanks you guys. Steeler. :)

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Nice work! It gives me a couple of ideas for making some more hardies. I just came in to post some pictures of hardies I've recently made (just took the photos):

Cut-Off hardie - made with the rear leaf spring from a '78 Ford HD Pickup - almost 3/4" at the base, welded to a piece of 1" square stock then heat-treated and tempered, (that's not a nick on the edge just a piece of lint that I missed):

Bending Hardie - made from the rear axles of a lawn tractor, the uprights allow for bending stock up to an inch, or using the pin holes 1/4 inch, the horizontal bar allows for forging 3/4" curves (think wood gouge), all three pieces welded to 1" square stock:



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Reefera4m, That's a good looking cut off hardy. On the bending hardy, I can imagine how handy the quarter inch holes and round horizontal bar would be. I left my tools to air harden after welding since I don't expect to be trying to work any cold steel on them. Time will tell me if they need to be hardened and tempered properly. Thanks for replying. Steeler.

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I started smithing 5 or so years ago and started out without many tools. I had a small anvil but no hardy tools. In a hurry for cutting edge, I welded a piece of 1" square tube to a piece of heavy angle iron and ground a good edge on the upright leg. I'm still using it. Never worried about heat treating it, just touch it up occassionally with the grinder. I made a similar bottom fuller, not pretty, but it works. Just lazy I guess.

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