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primative axe

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sorry, havn't been on for a week. just read your post sam. that is a lot faster than i go from "i want to make one of those" to "well its done". but for the sake of others wondering.
to mount the head.
after the blade is forged, measure the widest part of the base of the tang,subtract 1/8 inch (3/16 for soft wood), and drill a hole that size in the handle. heat half the tang to red, not orange, not yellow, red, and burn it in to the last 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch(add 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch to that for softer wood). once it burns the hole, pull it out and let it cool till it just turns wood brown when it touches it(much too hot to touch so don't grab it!). when it is at this heat, drive it home with a piece of wood so you dont hurt the edge. if done this way you have a hard time banging it out with a hammer. dont let the fit be sloppy! the head will either stick into what is being chopped and pull out of the handle, or fly out of the handle and land in the nearby jagger bushes and make fun of you.
sorry im late on the answer, but it might help someone :rolleyes:

Ed Steinkirchner

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