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Beth's first pictures on the site

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I had the pleasure of meeting Beth who has been contributing to the site for some time now, and she has had difficulty submitting pictures of her work ( I reckon she's just being modest).

Any way here's your chance to see a couple of flowers she made this weekend.

Not quite finished yet, but I think the girl did good!





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hey john no flies on you - i only just got back! thanks for your very sweet encouraging comments guys n gals - i only did those how john showed me he is a very clever man and also (rare combo??) a fab teacher so i will def be going back for more of his KNOWLEDGE!. his teaching style is very good for me becasue he kind of made it up as he went along and changed stuff when we wanted to. so not too formal and bossy! as for pictures i genuinely cant seem to get it together but john has kindly written down what im meant to do so i will give it another whirl because i love to see everyone elses work.. :) am going to go and nail the firewelding soon with one of johns friends as i cant seem to get it right - not often enough anyway. nothing like someone stood there to show you eh? john did show me a beautifully done fire weld under total duress and pretending he couldnt do it! but he is obviously just being modest ;)

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Thanks for that Beth, don't put yourself down, you are a good keen student, and capable 'smith, you just need a bit more confidence and hands on experience.

Modesty? more like beginners luck, and good students. Any more praise and my halo may slip and choke me!

My method is called "discovery learning", when it goes wrong, discover how to put it right, then it becomes experience. and then the more you know, the more there is to learn ! So I will keep on trying, and learning, I learnt a lot on this course too.

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They look very very nice Beth, well done! You need to get a website up and running soon so we can all see your work.

I’d completely forgotten the Rose and flower course was on at the weekend, I wanted to go to that, but with another house move in the next few weeks I’m stuffed till April at the earliest. If you decide to do another one later in the year John I’d be very interested, it looks like you did the students proud again.

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Very nice Beth, well done.

I had a heck of a time getting pics posted too till I tried doing it in the full editor, then it worked as advertised. click "Browse" under the text window and select a picture file, then click "open" then click "upload file". If that doesn't work for you, it didn't for me for a long time, click "Full eidtor" as the first step then do the rest. The really weird thing is now I don't need to do it from the full editor but before and I mean a few minutes before I tried it the first time I'd select a single pic and darned if the site didn't try and upload my entire pictures folder! Really, it's about 140 meg or so and for some reason the site thought it was too big. Anyway, after I did it the first time in full editor it's worked just fine.

Best of luck Darlin, I like pics.

Frosty the Lucky

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