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I found a Peter Wright & a Alsop anvil...

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CelticFlame, Pictures are always nice as is a location (please modify your profile so we all know your location). Anvils are kind of strange price wise. Like Thomas said in some parts of the country they are fairly plentiful and other parts not so much. Out here in the west where population density was low during the high period of blacksmithing there just weren't that many left laying about at the close of the age whereas back in the eastern part of the country there were many more shops open and operating. It's all a matter of supply and demand, big supply equals low price. The same with condition, those from early on were worked pretty hard, those from near the end of the period are more likely to be in better shape. Desirability by collectors is another price driver, rarity of maker equals higher prices plus condition. Ignorance is a great for low prices or high prices, depends on which end of ignorant you are. I went to a yard sale today and they had an old beat to pieces Vulcan anvil for $200 and it wasn't worth more than $20 it was so bad but while I still looking around they sold it for full price. The fellow was happy as a pig in mud. Anvils are in short supply out here and he was ignorant as to what he was getting. He could have bought a horse shoeing anvil for less money and been better off.

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If I had pictures, I'd post them. I'm the only one he's dealing with at this point, and I didn't want to let them get away if he was asking a fair price for them. Anvils are not plentiful where I live, but they do turn up in good shape ever so often.

ThomasPowers, what would they be worth in your part of the world? (I sent you an email sir, and you don't need to post a reply if you don't want to.)

Sounds like it would be to my best interest to go with whatever you think they're worth.

They are in very good shape, very few blemishes, and they are NOT beat to death. Neither of them look like they have been used very much at all as a matter of fact.

Too bad the old boy at the yard sale couldn't have known me Bentiron1946. I have a smaller Vulcan I hardly ever use. I can't remember it's weight I've not used it for so long.

All I'm trying to do is not let a possibly good deal get away, and don't mean to bother anyone overly much.

My thanks for any advice which is offered folks, and good evening to one & all.

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i have a peter wright at 147 pounds i paid 100 for it off craigslist that was on the cheap endfor prices i have seen some around me go for around 200-250 in that size range but i'm cheap and would never pay more than 1 pound but then again i don't need an anvil as i have a few good luck with your deal there and if you get one post some pics of it

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Perhaps the best way to figure the price of a use anvil is to look at the price of a new anvil. I checked on the price of a new foreign made anvil, not China, forged steel and the price was about $7.00/#. Now an anvil is not a tool that just wears out from normal use, yes we have all seen the beat to pieces examples, we are not talking about those, we are looking at usable tools here. Also we are not taking into account the "deals" that come along where a person finds a pristine 500# Peter Wright for $50 either to determine price per pound, that would be like buying a Tucker for $1,000. I would think that the starting point of negotiations for any decent anvil would be half the price of a new anvil and go down from there. Age is not a factor here as I have seen anvils well over a hundred years old in better condition than ones half that. It all comes down to condition and your willingness to pay the price asked. My opinion is that anywhere from $1.00/# to $3.50/# is reasonable for a used working anvil. Collector anvils are not part of this discussion.

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Just an idea of pricing....
My first anvil was a PW 146# with a cold cut hardie==$100.00 usable shape
#2 a 185# Hay Budden $380.00 good shape
#3 a 105# Hay Budden $60.00 great shape
#4 a 125# Acmne $75.00 OK to good shape
#5 a 125# Trenton $125.00 Good shape

I sold the PW for $225.00 a few years back and the guy was going to repair the face. He was tickled at the price...so was I ;).
Really does depend on condition, location, knowledge of seller! and how bad do you want it.

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