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Power hammer dies

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They even have swages to make the whole leaf http://www.blacksmithsdepot.com/Templates/cart_templates/cart_browse.php?theLocation=/Resources/Products/SWAGE_spring&where=&PHPSESSID=07e5b73a3c75b1d3db8f0cfacab3334b just look at the rest of the list on their site.
I guess one of my favorite sites isn't up anymore for some reason, Magic Hammer Forge, wonder what happened? Any way there are several plans/videos out there showing homemade veining dies for power hammers or for use on an anvil.

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Back in 2003, I made a set of vine/bark texturing dies for my 33 Anyang. I started with regular flat dies, then took a angle grinder and cut 3/16 deep grooves one after another. So when I was finished, both the top/bottom dies had rows of teeth that would leave multiple lines in the work piece with every hammer blow. When making the dies, I didn't worry about using any layout math or getting every tooth the same size. The dies looked rough, you could tell they weren't made in a machine shop, but they worked really well. Again all you need is a vise, grinder, good tool steel, and about 20 minutes.

When working with the dies, I would first perform light blows until the work piece was covered with light/shallow lines. Then I would start going back over the work piece using heavier blows, that would leave deep lines. This does two things for your texture. First, it gives your work more of a organic look. When I am trying to create a vine/bark texture look, I want to see different line widths, lengths, and depth. Second, when you already have light lines/texture, by re-hitting the light lines with heavy blows, the heavy blows will push/move the light lines side to side creating almost a wood grain like wave.

With these dies and my 33, I textured steel from 1/4 - 1.50 thick. Eventually I'm going to add these texturing dies to the Anyang die inventory, so that Anyang owners can buy these dies right off the shelf.

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