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Hand crank forum blower. How much should I pay?


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I'm in the process of looking for a hand crank forge blower. In the past I've used electric ones and have had good luck. The problem is the new site for my "shop" will be away from a good source of electric.

Any ideas of what I should look for, how much I should expect to pay, and where I should be looking?

I saw some blowers on ebay but have heard people post cautions about buying blacksmithing tools from Ebay. I'm not looking for antiques either, just something that is cheap and functional, kinda like me ;-).


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Dan there are no "new" hand crank blowers save perhaps for very expensive ones being imported from India.

So pretty much all hand crank blowers are "antiques" (most recent ones I have seen date to the 1960's)

As for price that may vary by a factor of 2 depending on where you are at. Are you in the USA? East or West Coast? Midlands, Southwest????

And how large a blower do you need---small rivet forge, large billet welding forge?

Answers to those questions will help come up with a price that is appropriate.

In general all I can say is that $50 - $150 is the range I would expect.

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I have purchased hand crank blowers off of e bay before with no problems.
I would suggest that you go to some blacksmith guild meetings as there are sometimes tailgaters there with all sorts of blacksmithing tools and there is usually a blower or two for sale.
You can make a much more informed decision if you can actually physicaly turn the crank ( BEFORE ) you pay for it.
There are several well known brands with champion 400 being one of the more popular.


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Tom, I'm located in West Virginia, around the eastern pan handle if that makes any sense.

Mike, I'm looking to get back down to Amelia to a meeting or two. Just got to juggle things around as the weekends are the only time I get my son. I'd like to bring him down but I'm not sure how he'd handle a whole day's worth of demos.

And thanks guys for the info.


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