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A lot of hammers for sale? Ad mine to the list

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So my Dad and I bought a shop out, We paid real money for this stuff and there was no bargains to be had but there is some nice stuff here... These are the photos of the stuff in place, They are loading tomorrow and sometime soon I'll have a much better idea about whats what... We may keep a few things but mostly Im just looking to evenly distribute this stuff at a fair price...

There are two 50 lb little Giants, One new style, one old. both are running, both have three phase motors... There are several die sets but Nothing that I would say is anything to get excited about. They are currently in Idaho but I'll be hauling the stuff to Seattle at some point in the near future, if your someplace along the way I'll deliver for free :D


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Can you post some pictures of the commonsense hammer? And how much are you asking for it? I am in the process of setting one up now and I know that I have some condition issues, a parts machine would come in handy not too many of these around.

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Its not marked but after talking to a few people I am pretty sure its a early Hay Budden..

Are there any numbers on the front of the feet? If there is, perhaps the location and number can give an indication af manufacturer and year. You may not care. I'm just being curious, that's all.
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