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made a saddle


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Over the weekend took my cutting plate, normally loosely secured in the pritchel hole with a bolt and bent it into a real saddle that sits over the anvil face. Prior attempts to bend the U shape with a 3 lb hammer got me a slight bend before the metal cooled in the vise, just enough to keep the plate from lying flat.

This time I pulled out the 8 lb sledge, choked up on the handle and wailed on the hot plate in the post vise. Very persuasive! Carefully marked the second bend with the center punch on each edge of the plate, about 1/2 the plate thickness from the anvil edge and wailed on it again with the sledge.

Couple of taps with my now favorite persuader to get a snugish loose fit over the anvil and its done. I think I might just drill a punching hole that corresponds with the pritchel hole, I've been punching a lot of holes lately.

Sometimes the solution really is a bigger hammer!


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I know its a little late to say but you couldv'e used a piece of "C" channel bar. i've done that on mine with a bit of scrap c channel and it fitted perfectly ( lucky me)

any way you are right a bigger hammer does solve problems easier haha


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Once the snow is off it I can wander over and see if it's worth scrounging.

I made a cutting plate for one of my anvils by taking a piece of sheet and forging a section down to fit the hardy and making a 90 deg angle. When it gets too scored I heat and bend the hardy shaft over and use the other side.

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