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Biggest Anvil Collection in the country?

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Good grief, he's even got a German WWII anvil with a hakenkreuz on it lol, didn't know such a thing existed these days.

Speaking of the association, Thomas is ABANA doing ok these days in your neck of the woods? How's COVID affecting that? I live over in Lubbock and the very few of us here have probably had more time over the forge the past couple of months so that's nice!

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Well it sure put a stopper to getting together.  I kind of wish their website had a chat or forum function so we could interact online.

I'm annoyed as my job has me in the office full time and I don't get more time in the shop, save that our weekends are less taken up with going places. Also I was about to try to sell off a bunch of the hoard to get shop space and money to pay off my loan to the family funds.  I don't want to get burked cause I'm late with the payment!  Also they can't do the site visit, the first step of getting power to my shop.  So annoyed.

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On 12/8/2012 at 8:45 PM, njanvilman said:

No publisher yet.  I figure I have got to get the manuscript mostly done before I get to that step.  Crazy thing is that I have got to set a deadline sometime.  Interesting Fisher stuff is still out there.  Just like Postman found out as soon as his book was printed, more information will continue to appear.

I read this old thread about Anvil Collections and came across this.  I don't even remember writing it.  The answer is:  Yes, my book is done, and I am expecting delivery this week.  I self published.  I set my self a deadline to have it ready for ABANA 2020.  That forced me to finish.   I will post information about availability as soon as I physically have the books.

In the 10 years since this thread was started, the "Fisher & Norris Factory Museum" collection has about doubled in scope.  As I predicted in 2010, I found tons more information about Fisher History and artifacts.  I think everyone who reads the book will enjoy the information I present.

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