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Biggest Anvil Collection in the country?

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He has me 'beat' in all ways. I am only concentrating on Fisher, and other NJ branded anvils. I have a few of other brands for comparison. I am still actively seeking 600 and 700 lb Fisher anvils.

Richard Postman, the author of "Anvils in America" had a large collection of anvils. (About 100, if I remember correctly) He contacted the Smithsonian about donating them. They replied that if he w

I think what we are hearing here is pure "anvil envy". There is not a shortage of anvils in this country. There may be a shortage of anvils that are selling as cheap as people want to pay, but they

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Well, I figure that $8 gas in one fellows station and $4 at most of the others is a sure sign that the USA still has some freedoms where the seller can set his price and the buyer can choose whether he wants to do business at $4 or $8. But I don't think anyone is making us do business with the $8 fellow. I really thought that among the blacksmith types there would be more independent spirit and live and let live attitude. Are we going to legislate that he can't own more anvils than members of his household? Anvil police? Are you goin' to tell someone they can't have more than one baby? I figure that his own business and none of mine.  


I  have resurrected sawmills from sweet gum thickets, old tractors from the blackbetty patch and pulled anvils from the dust and cobwebs of several old barns. All of these have been sold over the yeas and I hope I made a profit on my gas, searching time and restoration efforts. I want to see the old tools used and the old ways preserved. I want to see our teenagers have the opportunity to learn some of the old skills that made our country great.  Our kids need to know what axes, hoes,shovels and post hole diggers are for and how to use them.


After you buy $4 gas and spend days driving all over the country looking at anvils one at a time that are not what you want or need, the New Mexcio anvil man may not be so high after all. 

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This collection is obscene. I'm all for collectors, they can preserve items very well, especially if they're actually cleaning things up to look nice for display but this guy is just buying for the sake of it!

800 pairs of tongs? And just a pile of vises.

None of them have been cleaned up. Crazy. The video says none of it is for sale!

There's enough kit there to set up every smith in America.
I'm sorry but no, he's stopping too many people from joining the hobby.


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Yes,,,,Many collectors are unique folks. They are not interested in collecting to sell, they collect to collect. I have asked a collector if I could perhaps buy an anvil and forge and what I got was not encouraging in the least. I couldn't even get him to cut loose from his collection of tree sumps/anvil mounts. A collection of tree stumps.


Tree stumps.




OK, so it was an easy way out, that didn't pan for me, but I had to ask anyhow. So I found a collector who IS interested in selling anvils and bought some from him.


So there.

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Well, he's hardly depriving anyone of anvils. As hard a time as some people seem to have finding them, it's not terribly hard. TPAAAT and patience. I've got three in the last year without doing anything more than watching CL occaisionally and going to one auction. Cheap.  Hard to get jealous when I know I know that if I had the money, there'd be anvils in every nook and cranny.


Now I do get a little bit vulturish when I think about the inevitable day..........


P.S. Missed this forum somehow, like the term ferrocracy.......rule by iron?

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Funny thing is every time I go to blacksmith meets I see dozens of anvils for sale.  I see them on Craig's list and eBay for sale prices ranging from 1 to 4 dollars a pound.  Unless your dead broke you can get an anvil if you want it bad enough.  The only thing stopping would be smiths is drive and determination you want it bad enough it will happen.

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I have read about this collection but I have never seen photos before, wow.  I have a little off the grid place in NM about an hour, maybe less, away from him.  When my tool fund recovers a bit I will have to contact him.


Actually you will find Fred quite easy to deal with however he doesn't give away his best anvils. I know him and have dealt with quite a bit. He is clearing out a lot of his anvils but he's hoping for someone to win the lottery and buy them all, He hates the idea of his collection of rare anvils being broken up.

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Greed vs function. You make the call.

Wasn't it, Francis Whittaker who said, "I have always done my work on a 150 lb anvil and it worked for me". I don't belive a ware house full of equipment makes one any better at the end of the day.


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I wonder if there are even 200 anvils in the whole state of Ak? Let alone being for sale.

I know one Alaskan smith who pulled an anvil and rather complete tool kit from the mud at a mining operation. The owner of the land said he could have anything he wanted....but leave the gold.


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One of the club members in the interior lives on old mining country and has been finding gear though I don't know about anvils. I'll ask if he's at tomorrow's meeting but it's a haul for him.


Yeah, there are undoubtedly 200 anvils in Alaska but most aren't available, I know of two guys here in the Valley with a number, including power hammers but they aren't about to turn loose of anything they're "too valuable." One guy has been planning on setting up a "town" or some such for at least the last 20 years but everything is still sitting in a shed in a field and his health is pretty much in the dumps. Another lives on a farm on Lazy Mountain with out buildings that look like it was a small town at one time. There are two outbuildings that are set up in a conceptual smithy by someone who obviously has never worked in one.


I've asked both if they'll let something go and they both said they were going to set up a display that'd have people coming to see from all over the country. Yeah, right. <sigh>


Are you going to make tomorrow's meeting at Jim's in Anchorage? It'll start 9:00- 9:30am as usual and there'll be the usual demos and open forge.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Sorry to 'necro' a thread here but the May issue of Enchantment (rural NM coop power mag) has a special on Mr. Moore's collection with a great eye candy photo. I thought about giving him a buzz today to see how business is what with all the rookie smiths out there now thanks to Forged in Fire. http://www.enchantment.coop/

His collection numbers around 2800 pieces according to the article.

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