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New Use for an anvil

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I find that pretty cool. I had a 17" long alligator lizard that could shed its entire skin, and keep it in one piece with no tears in it. It was just like you had peeled a glove off. Any idea what kind of snake it was? Ya got plenty down there,even some non natives like pythons that are getting pretty well established.

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I am guessing a Gray rat snake; we get a lot of them around here. I have also seen a few large indigo's so the rat snakes may soon find themselves on the menu but I hope not. They do not bother me so live and let live. I keep a tarp over the anvil and occasionally it seems to draw unexpected visitors. The funny ones are the hog noses; they hiss and puff out their heads like a cobra. They are harmless but put on a good show. I’m sure the actual draw is not the anvil but the frogs and lizards. So far none of them have been critical of my work <VBG>

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