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Which blower to buy


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I am building a portble forge along the lines of this one (see attached picture) or view the whole web site at http://www.blksmth.com/forge_my_portable.htm .

That forge is built with a 115 volt PB-50vs Blower, Variable Speed from Centaur Forge. No doubt this is an excellent blower, but the price is way beyond my budget. I probably will use an air gate in stead of a variable speed blower.

I will be using coal or possibly coke.

The firepot is 8 inches by 10 inches and about 5 inches deep with a 3 inch air inlet.

I looked in the Grainger catalog and they have a very large selection of blowers.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who could help me pick a suitable one.

Or if anyone has som other suggestion, I'd be glad to hear that too.



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Try Blacksmith Supply, they have two (chinese) reasonably priced 110 V blowers that will work fine. Skip the variable controller and use the air gate. Remember that you need both CFM and PSI to make everything work according to plan. Cheap fans may have the right CFM but they don't produce the required PSI (inches of H2O). For less than 200 USD you are in the game without any hassels.

Good luck


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I couldn't find any blowers at Blacksmith Supply. Blacksmiths Depot has some that I have made in Korea: http://www.blacksmithsdepot.com/Templates/cart_templates/cart-detail.php?theLocation=/Resources/Products/Forges_and_Parts/blowers/164_CFM_Blower

Peter has some good advise, especially with coal you need good pressure too. Many blowers just don't have it.

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WW Granger has one for around $60.00. You can use your ABANA membership for a discount if you have one.

IMHO Grainger is a PITA to work with - period! And you only need a blower that will provide 100 - 200 CFM.

Try these guys Burden Surplus Sales Center. I know of several blacksmith/bladesmiths that have purchased blowers there are were glad they did.
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