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What's this Forge worth?

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I recently purchased 2 forges. One is a Buffalo, and the other is a Champion. The Champion is in similar condition, and it was $75. The Buffalo is in great shape with a hood, and it was $100-$125. Of course I have to mention the disclaimer that I fall into some good deals, and I am a cheapskate at times. Price will be determined by your locale, as well as your own personal pain level. Look around, they are not rare, unless you have to have one right away.

How free is the blower, does it rotate? Personally I would pass at that price, especially if the blower needs a rebuild.

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Thanks for the help everyone. I am waiting to hear back about if the blower works like it should and how sound the metal is on everything.
It's a long drive for me to look at it so I'm searching for all the info first.

thanks again

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I'm in Canada, Nova Scotia.

This is a great site btw, I might even build my own forge after seeing some forges people built here.


If I were you, I would look for a blower. If they're rare in NS, you can get them from Ebay for around $50
If you have access to a welder, or know a friend, I would save your money and simply build a forge from whatever materials you can obtain easily.

Do a search on the 55 forge, and this will show you that a forge needn't be expensive to be effective
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