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Where to get Coke by the ton

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When I was in Fairfield taking the blacksmithing courses out at Solano College one of the students got some from a refinery. It was a byproduct of one of their operations.

Check with Dave Nourot (new-row) at Solano College. He is a great guy, and a member of the CBA. The class has a big air hammer, and is really well set up.

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you could try these guys they are shipping this month might no be too late...http://www.blacksmithcoke.com/ its what i use..

Thanks for all the suggestions
I have followed up on each - Only reply was from John McLlean $ 25 per bagged 50 pound bag a little hugh for our use I have 10-18 students and when they want to play in the fire they would eat that up fast.

WE normally use Propane but may be moving to solid fuel I tried Corn ( Yes Corn read about it hear but not working so good in the sideblast and it smoked up the place!! Bad) Charcoal has too many fire flys for our set up ( indoors)

the Coke i Have burns very smoke free and I will go that way.

Thanks again.

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