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Gerald Boggs

Jacksonville Center and the ODBSA

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A proposal has come up of developing a relationship between the Old Dominion Blacksmith Association and the Jacksonville Center in Floyd, Virginia.

The proposal is this: ODBSA assumes responsibility for the blacksmith studio at Jacksonville. In return, we have access to the studio for hosting several workshops each year.

This is how I envision it working. We (ODBSA) maintain and work to further develop the studio. The details are still being worked out. But this starts with something as simple as doing routine maintenance on the equipment. During open houses we provide someone to man the forges and act as a knowledgeable person to promote interest in blacksmithing in general and at the same time, membership in ODBSA . I don't want to try to list all possible avenues, as the relationship evolves, we can see what is good for us and good for the Center.

What possible benefit is there for us? From my perspective, plenty!, but here are two, that for me, are high on the list.
1. A place to do several workshops a year. In example: Think of last year when I was showing how to make some tools. At the Center, instead of just showing you how I make tools, members would be able to forge the tool and take both the knowledge and tool home.
2. An open venue to the public to promote ODBSA.

As a opening to this proposal, Jacksonville Center is having a BBQ fundraiser on the 17th of July. We've been asked to come help with the demonstrations in the blacksmith studio. In return, we have use of the studio the next day for an event of our own. I am offering to Pro Bono my time on Sunday and offer instruction (subject to be determined) There would only need to be at most, three folks on Saturday (I've already told Jacksonville, I'll help no matter what the guild decides) to fulfill our part and then the rest of us, could come out on Sunday for our event. If Sunday is not workable for folks, I've no doubt we can arrange to use the studio on a different day.

Fair Winds
Gerald Boggs

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