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Going for it. 

7 years saving, dreaming and working out of a broken down unsuited space for hot metal. Perseverance and patience. 

Ran out of time to pour slabs and retaining wall this fall. No sweat, it can settle over winter. Resuming in spring. More pics to come. 

16' x 24' when finished. 






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Additional pics
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Thanks,  marcusb & jlp. We moved here from Wisconsin 20 years ago for a job and we've been fortunate. We love it and trying to make the most of it. 

The previous structure housed my wife's car had like 10% grade to the floor and was asphalt, which I found if you spill molten aluminum on, is flammable. Science!

Too cluttered and full of our junk to make a safe place to form metal. The new place will be two buildings, one for car and seasonal junk and meat freezer, and the other a small but well appointed shop. I don't need a massive space, just some place to get it done and not set the car on fire.

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Wow that's an impressive amount of work!  Out here we don't have topsoil---the ground surface is rated as ok for concrete pours. Also no frost heave worries. Also no ground water worries. Building the first part of my shop was trivial compared to yours!  (Nice looking house in the background...)

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The beginning of my "shop".

I worked mostly out of my garage, but last summer I bought a new mid-life crisis toy, a fiat abarth 124 spider... so ohio winters aren't great for convertibles and it needed a place to live.

It's a crazy mess inside right now with me building my gas forge, and cramming my wood lathe, table saw, work bench and assorted life long collection of crap. Lol...

But eventually, the plan is one half forge, and the other half a gunsmithing/cerakoting area. The rest will fall in between somewhere.

It's a start, and needs insulating, power installation, air lines run, and fireproofing of some sort.

The thought is naming it the "fair-weather" forge...:D as right now, all hot work is done outside... and 10° winters aren't fun.


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Not a shop, but a key part of a shop. Decided I was fed up with chasing down rivets, nuts, bolts and washers spread across various drawers, boxes, bags, jars and too many of those fiddly small plastic draw things. So I picked up a bunch of industrial “pigeon hole” shelving as salvage and giving them a spruce up. 



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Shop build update:

90% there. Moving in. Nothing bolted down yet.

Yet to screw on steel panels for interior. Gas forge area will be concrete board with a parged finish.

Laying out a built-in workbench atm.  







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