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I Forge Iron

need some advise on differnet ways to color iron


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I recently started making some "accent bowls"(mild steel) and want to put the gilders paste on some of them, but I got to thinking about the possibility of someone using them for candy bowls and did'nt know if it would be safe. I e-mailed the gilders paste company and asked them and they said the gilders paste is not FDA approved, but if I sealed it with an FDA approved clear sealant, it would be ok. I have not been able to find an FDA approved sealer. Does anyone know of anything? I like beeswax, but I live in South Texas and do outdoor shows, so that is not an option.
Thanks, Bob

peanut oil or any type of vegetable oil apply it at a black heat, too hot it will burn off, too cold and it will not stick, also it works best to leave the scale on don't wire brush before you apply
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The blacksmith at Haverhill, Iowa, USA, who died in 1930 used roof tar

I wave seen formulas that called for powdered graphite to be added to the finish either was, oil or varnish. Here powdered graphite is bought by the quart used as lubracant when planting corn.

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I use Flack seed oil to season my cast iron cook ware,

Pricey yes but a little goes a long way, apply to hot black, hold at hot black till it's dry. It will give a dark brown finish on bright metal and the Finnish is very durable need it darker apply more coats as needed and it is food safe too.

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