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Hello Everyone,Found this site over a year ago and have been lurking some. About the same time I started studing this craft.Also new to posting things,be nice.O.K.? My names David, a carpenter by trade, and I've found a great hobby in blacksmithing. I joined a local blacksmithing group in Nov. of 2008 and I'm so glad I did. It seems that most any smith you meet is more than willing to share what he knows. You guys seem to follow suite. The group I joined has a monthly newsletter and I've been writing a"Green Coal Report"For them since Jan. 09 trying to share what they have shared with me. Old Dominion Blacksmith Assoc. is the site if you have time to check it out. Be aware that I seem to have more questions than answers,but will help anyone I can. Thanks David

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI!! I STRONGLY recommend that you change your posting name!! an email address published like this is just asking for trouble! You may need to contact Glenn (the Administrator) to do this. Otherwise I hope you enjoy the site and from what I have seen and read about ODBA you did good by joining them. Enjoy.

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