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Lathe Dagger

Sam Salvati

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I had mentioned I was learning to use a lathe. I decided to make a knife and turn the handle from brass/bronze and here it is. It certainly isn't precision or anything, just turned by eye having a bit of fun on the lathe. The blade is 5160, with a chiseled in fuller, 1/2 double edge, fileworked spine. I turned the handle and pommel, but made the guard the old fashioned way. I was going to make the pommel a nut and thread it on but ended up making it a peened assembly. I ground all the cutters myself for all the different cuts, but mainly used a thin straight cut and a right cut. Also tried knurling the front and end of the handle.






And also, A VIDEO!

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A quick tip for knurling. When you are setting the knurling tool angle to the piece put a strip of paper between them. Run the tool in until the paper is squeezed, and runs between them. Look at your pattern, and adjust the angle until the proper diamond pattern is achieved. Then you can contact the part to knurl it. Sometimes it just takes a bump on the tool to make it look right.

BTW, I like the overall blade design.

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