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Been here a while but first post

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I registered on I Forge Iron back the first of last year but have not been active.
I am Wayne Coe, I have been blacksmithing for 10 years, served 3 years as president of Alex Bealer Blacksmith Association and have served on the Board of Directors of ABANA.
I work full time in my shop in north east Tennessee and have a group who meets in my shop the second Saturday of each month.
I attend AACB Regional meetings on a regular basis and go to several conferences a year.
I conduct Belt Grinder workshops. At present I have a workshop set up for May 6-7, 2010, at the New England School of Metalwork (www.newenglandschoolofmetalwork.com) and will be teaching a beginner's class there May 8-11, 2010.
I enjoy making new things and visiting with others interested in this craft.

Wayne Coe

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Wayne, welcome to the forum. I am sure that your contributions to the conversation will be wonderful and highly informative.

I would humbly advise against providing too much information over the open Internet. It is very kind of you to provide your home address, phone number and email address. Perhaps a safer method of contact regularly used on this forum is to ask people to use the forum's private message feature for initial contact, then you can private message them back with your phone number and snail-mail address. Alternatively, you could get a post office box that is dedicated only to blacksmithing so that no one tries to reroute your personal-finance-oriented mail and steal your identity.

Just a thought, mileage may vary.
Dave M. E. :)

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It's good to have you here, but I too (being something of a computer person) know how easy it is to steal someone's identity over the internet, especially with as much information as you've provided. I'd advise you to go back and edit some of that out of your post.

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