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easy way of cutting sleigh bells or flowers out

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This is what I have done in the past and don't know how many people know this. Alot of areas have Vocational High Schools. Call the school and talk to the welding teacher to see if they have a CNC,if they do ask if they are willing to cut what you need. This is good practice for the students and all you have to supply is the metal. Make those tax dollars work for you.

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Excellent idea!! I hadn't considered the high school level. I used to run a CNC flame and plasma shape cutter at an ag and industrial standards manufacturer. Of course, we primarily did production work, but we did a little custom work from time to time. I'm not sure what it cost but I knew I couldn't afford it! So, I did my own "gov't" projects on lunch breaks.;) I will be checking the local schools next time I need any custom shape cutting done!!

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It's pretty cheap to get them laser cut out, too. Get guys in your group to up the quantity and it even gets cheaper. I even get up to 3/4" plate patterns cut out as for the time it saves me and the beautiful cut I can't do it myself for that price.

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Hey, come on! This is a blacksmith's site.
Smiths have been making crotals for hundreds of years.
You could make a couple of curved chisels and cut them out with just a few hammer blows; given some practice.
Or, you could make a stamp and die set to do it in one stroke of a small press or a big hammer.
Or you could cut them in short stacks, hot, with a treadle hammer...and so on.
You guys sleigh me.

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