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Hey there,
I'm new to blacksmithing and a recent resident of Mississippi, to boot. Can anyone provide some background on the Mississippi Forge Council, where you meet, what you do, etc?


This should help you out - (google search) - JK http://www.msforgecouncil.com/meetingschedule.htm
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The MS ForgeCouncil meets on the second Saturday of each month, ath MS Agriculture and Forestry Museum. We meet in the Blacksmith shop, unless we plan a meeting at another location. The website is being worked on and will be up and running soon. A week from Saturday we will be meeting, and I am glad to invite you to come. I am Lyle and have welcomed several new members after meeting them here on Iforgeiron. We are going to have a local company do some demonstrations with some metal cutting equipment. We will have a green coal class for any new people that would like to get in the fire after the demonstration. We are fortunate to have Brian Brazeal staying with us and has been working at the Agriculture museum every day up until today, He is leaving on New Years Eve to go to Alabama and will not be back for about 10 days.

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