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I Forge Iron

Some wip's

John Martin

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Well, I finally got out to the forge over christmas break, and I hope to finish all 5 of these up by the end of the month.

The recurve bowie is 1055, 10" blade & 5" tang.
The fat knife that isn't grinded yet is a totally random and twisted damascus no specific pattern. 3" blade, 4" handle.
The knife with four finger grooves is 20 layers, and an attempt at a ladder pattern, it worked, but obviously can be improved in many ways. 3" blade, 4.25" handle.
The knife with three finger grooves is 23 layers, twisted. Same length as the above.
The little knife is an old one that I need to finish still. but 30 layers, twist.

Any comments or critiques are welcome!



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I made a lot of progress on the recurve bowie today. I finished profiling and grinding it, and managed to HT it with success. I also forged a damascus guard for it, and have my handle material picked out. If I have time on the weekend I will start to clean the blade up, polish it, and fit the guard. It will be an S guard with half hidden tang, I will prolly put a pin in it as well just to be safe.

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