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W-1 question

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I've read in quite a few places that for the most part older files are W-1 and newer files might not be... does this information sound correct?

i forged a blade from an old file, never got it too hot during forging, normalized it, then annealed it, filed it/sanded it where it need, turned the lights off, brought it up to a cherry red, and quenched it in water.... it warped and cracked in a couple places.

W-1 should be quenched in water right? i usually use vegetable oil for 10XX steel, should i have just used the oil, or maybe used hot or warm water? thanks for any tips.


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Yes it is a water quenching steel but it is recomended to use oil with thin pieces.

Edited to add that it's to bad it was a nice start on a good looking knife been there and had it happen you can epect a lot of that if you are going to use water.

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