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Working with cable

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I was drawing a concept for some furniture and my thoughts were of using various sizes of cable in freeform as the basic structure.

I have seen a wine motif outside a metalwork studio in the Design District in Dallas (across the freeway from the Dallas World Trade Center). That fellow used quite large cables twisted together, starting in a mass as large as the calf of a man's leg, extending upward and outward, etc., etc. around the front entrance. It's been about a year ago but I think the cables were around 1 inch down to 1/2 inch diameter.

The sheer mass of the cables in his design would prove quite rigid (and rigidity is not an issue with his design), but my concept would not be as massive in scope, perhaps 3 twisted cables of 3/4 and/or 5/8 or 1/2 or 3/8 in a mix. They would form the legs of the table (s) and chairs (smaller for chairs) and splay out as they reach the chair bottom, back, arms, etc. and the table top frame, etc.

The basic question - and I've never worked with cable - is would the cable have to be wrapped around an armature of sorts for stability? Or would just wrapping the cable around itself provide enough strength to prevent significant flexing? What about brazing or welding individual cables to stiffen them?

Any ideas of the types of cables that would be best suited to this type of project? I know cables come in various types, centers, etc.

The top for the table would be either thick glass, granite slab or heavy thick wood beams. Overall size for tables would be something in the range of standard outdoor furniture; dining room table, side tables (2 legs), etc.

Ideas and thoughts appreciated.

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some of the isssues you have are settled with the type of cable you use i have some prestressing cable that you cant bend and is aprox 1/2 inch in dia. amd then i have used some 1 inch stuff for heavy rigging you could bend into a one foot loop. really depends on the wires the cable is made of ie. ind. dia. within the wire and the matl. the wire is made of. one minor caution the stiff cable i have will air quench to the brittleness of glass so it you weld it plan on quickly stress relieving it with oa torch and insulation to slow the cooling properties. just my .02$

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