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I Forge Iron

I picked up a forge last night


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Keep in mind I have no knowlege on forges, but know I need one to get this "hobby" on it's feet. I found one that a guy had in his shed. The bowl looks like never used. It has a wood handle to pump a gear mechanism that turns the blower. The original belt is on it, but rotted off. Where can a guy get a belt fixed like that?

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It looks identical to that. Needs to be cleaned up of course. I paid $125,,,I felt it was fair plus 6 tools at $5 each and 2 hammers at $7.50 each. Like I said, I know nothing of smithing but know I need all of this stuff so have been doing some shopping.

Sounds like you got a good start! It's called a rivet forge, I have no clue who made mine but it says No. 100 on the bottom... otherwise it's unmarked as far as I can tell.

I've only built a fire in it once, it was a blast... I just made a poker and messed around with the fire. I don't know what you're planning on using for a cover for your tuyere. If it's exactly like mine it will fill up with clinkers fairly quickly and if they fill up and fall into your blower they can jam things up a little. I paid $175 for mine, felt it was pretty fair. Probably could have done it for a bit less but it's in very good condition.
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Are you sure he doesn't have an anvil around there somewhere? I bought a bunch of blacksmith tools from a guy once and someone else came after me and asked if he had an anvil. Oh yeah, over here in the corner under all this stuff. How about 50 bucks? 250 lb H-B in perfect shape!

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