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Skunk smell..... removal ideas?


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Ok.. so far today not off to a good start.

A skunk has gone off either behind my house.. or more likely under my back shed/ wood shop space. My entire house now smells of skunk.. for a tangy whats that upstairs.. to oh NO the Laundry room stink to SKUnKY heaven...

Since the skunk has left his mark, there is no need to say get rid of the skunk... too late for that... I am interested in ideas to de stench my home... particularly since it is for sale.. . and I would like to be able to sell it....


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You need to find and neutralize the mark (source). Changing the air in the house will help but try to do so before the aroma settles into the fabric surfaces such as curtains, sofas, beds linens, closets, etc.

It may be time to call the Dept of Natural Resources, or a professional clean up crew to see what they suggest. I am sure both have encountered the problem before.

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We had the same problem in the past. At one point, the school nurse called to let us know that our son smelled of skunk. That was not a big surprise to us. Time will get rid of the odor. We started trapping the skunks and an animal group would relocate them for us at no charge. We used a large live trap. Cat food worked very well. We covered the trap except for the door with a blanket. When we caught one they would come out, cover the door, load it in the car and bring back an empty trap. Worked great for us.

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Here is the secret recipe that WORKS. Mix the following:

* 1 quart 3 percent hydrogen peroxide
* 1/4 cup baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
* 1 teaspoon liquid soap or dish detergent
* Mix these together and bathe ("shampoo" in or rub down) the spray victim thoroughly.
* Be sure to use this mixture immediately after it is created, as it is unstable.
* Rinse with tap water afterward, and repeat if necessary.
* For spray in the eyes, flush with water as soon as possible.

If you can't go to all of the trouble of buying hydrogen peroxide at your local drug store, then a 2% vinegar solution will help a bit. But please, don't bother with the old tomato juice tactic unless you want to smell like skunk + tomato.

Reference: How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell

I used this on a car that was in the path of ... mishap. Cleaned the outside and the results were instant. Bathing the area of incident with this will stop the smell from propagating further. Then look into getting an ozone generator for a week and run it for an hour or so in every room of the house, while you are in different rooms or out.


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Thanks.. now it is light out, I can investigate for source....

I know about the settle in to soft surfaces... and the scent is clingy and persistent...... this is not going away soon....

also I know that the scent is "activated" by water.. and it has been raining for 2 days here...

will keep you apprised of progress...

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What pkrankow said, I'm pretty sure that's the recipe that actually does work.
My cat got hosed real good once point blanc right between the eyes and that is the recipe my wife was given by a freind. After one real good lathering up and rinse I'd say my cat, a heavily furred longhair, was 98% deskunked.
Like prankow stated, use it fresh as it has no shelf life and the only thing I could add to that is we were told to specifically select the el cheapo dish detergent which we did and got good results.
My sister's dog got skunked once too and she went the tomato bath route and got zero results so next she went with the expensive concoction from the local pharmacy which cost a bundle and she thought it did the trick.
The next day she went to class (still in college then) and took her seat. Then she looked around and noticed the class had parted around her like the red sea so don't bother with the pharmacy...
If I were you I would still be looking to give that skunk the 22 gun salute so it doesn't happen again. Good luck !!!

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After some less than thorough investigation... not interested in getting head to snout with one.. under my wood shop...It seems the explosion was outside.. very near the house..

In a couple of days everything should be fine!! Thanks for the ideas. ... Where were you when I was working late in my wood shop shop .. only to turn around with a skunk in the door way!! the only entrance and exit to that room!! ...

I looked around... the only thing I had was hammer.. my fave 3 lb cross pien (yes I keep them inside where it s warmish) ... I was ready to give it xxxx. but eventually it turned around and left..

Will call about ozone generator..... !!

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Good grief Cliff, the visual I got of you throwing a hammer at a skunk from a few feet away is a real treat. If a repeat incident offers itself please turn on the video recorder and throw that hammer!

Hey guys if Cliff doesn't have a video recorder how about we take up a collection? Don't tell me I'm the ONLY one who'd pay good money to see THAT video!

Okay on a serious note you can use Oxy Clean like Billy Mays used to sell instead of the peroxide in your deoderizing wash. No, there are NO skunks (4 legged variety that is) in Alaska I just recall something a chemist friend said about oxy clean and think it'll work okay.

Oh yeah Cliff, if you decide to de oderize the skunk itself please turn on the video recorder will ya? Oh yeah, don't bother telling the wife you're planning on bringing the skunk in for a bath it won't really help you but it could reduce the Youtubyness of the video.

Okay, back to my corner,

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