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265# trenton

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Condition is everything.... If its wallered, broke, chipped, cut without a clean edge on it... yes.. $250 is probably to much... If it is still dunked in storage grease with a paper protecting the top and never had a hot chunk of iron on it in brand new unused condition... well Id pay you a $1000 and know I could sell it at a profit.... For a "average" anvil I would say your on the cheap end of things

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I have two 250# Trentons for students' anvils. The one I purchased 40 years ago, and I paid $200 for it. It was my first BIG shop anvil, and I really had to scrounge to pay for it. The other was found in a junkyard three years ago, and I paid $250. This second anvil had been used as a welder's cutting and chiseling table, and had some hellacious torch cuts and marks on the face. It took two days of careful welding and disc sanding to make it decent again. I think that $250 for a 265# Trenton is a good deal.

I like the Trentons especially because most of them have a deep step which can be used as a quick vee block. They also have well shaped, lengthy horns.


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I picked up a 400+ pound Trenton in OH that had been at a copper mine in AZ and seriously abused, (air arch gouging, crush damage, etc). I traded a 125#PW, postvise screw and screwbox and $100 so I had $230 in it---fellow was tired of moving it but still wanted to have an anvil.

After moving it to NM I had it gussied up at a SWABA anvil repair session---it's my backup to the 515# Fisher and will be the main anvil in the armour shop when the forge moves to the new extension. (armouring is noisy anyway and so a "louder anvil" won't change anything.)

Funny it was made in Columbus OH, used/abused in AZ, moved back to Columbus, Moved to NM and is hopefully gonna stay here!

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