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Forklift anvil.

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Hey guys, just wanted to share a photo of the anvil my dad made me
I specifically told my mom, that i will not be coming home for christmas holidays unless he finally makes me the anvil (yea i know its mean, but hey, im desperate :))
And after an hour or two, its finished
He just sent me this one photo, and it looks pretty decent to me, and he says it weighs around 200 kg :)

btw, this is my sister holding the hammer :)

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Yea, if it is that heavy, its really good. Though, I personally think it must be lighter, atleast it looks lighter to me.
The bottom are two 5x30x50 cm steel plates, im not sure about the top part.
Well, maybe it is that heavy, i dont know, whatever the weight is, it seems like a good working tool for me, and i hope i will make something useful on it :)

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