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welding rods

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1/8"dia rod run around 95amps, tweek as needed. 3/32"dia rod run around 65amps, tweek as needed. The 3/32" rod will get hot faster and burn the flux off when you have used about 1/2 the rod. I HATE this size of 6011 for this purpose. You can use a 1/8 rod on this size material easy, actually I think it would be better to use the larger rod. Let us know how you make out.

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Just a note, welder are differant, Just cause it says 90 on the plug in or dial don;t mean that is exact amps.
Also AC and DC rates are differant. Start low (on scrap) tweek till it burns good for the rod used. Keep notes.
Had a neighbor stop at my welding shop. Wanted to know why his welds on his mowers wern't working. He was using
3/32 dc rod and got some 3/16 7018 AC running at the same amps.

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It`s my understanding that 6011 was developed for AC machines.If you have a DC machine then 6010 is a better choice.
Whatever supplier you get your rod from should have small handbooks that will give guidelines for appropriate size and type rod for a project.The same book will tell you approximate amperage and whether to run a DC rod either electrode positive or negative.Welding suppliers usually give these handbooks out for free or at little cost.
Lincoln Electric also puts out a lot of low cost books related to all types of welding and welding projects.

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