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I am new to blacksmithing. So new I don't have any equiptment yet. I am in the process of building a forge out of a auto disc brake and looking also for a forge for sale somewhat cheap. I have lived in phoenix for 41 years and looking to start a new hobby in blacksmithing. i understand that getting some lessons is a good idea so i am scheduled to spend a couple days with Ray Rybar next month if anyone has heard of him. If any one has any ideas for me on getting started please do so. I'm not great at finding threads on computers so if you can copy and paste that would really help me. Also I would like to see some of your pictures on how your blacksmith shops look to get some ideas. I am thinking about using a small portion of my garage so it is indoors and reduces noise. I don't have a HOA so no worries there. Making one indoors i am concerned of how to protect everything else from metal shaving and sparks. I thought about building a small fire proof wall around my work area. Or if it would be easier and safer to build something out doors. Again please send me pictures of what your shop looks like and how it is set up. I am just looking to make small stuff right now. Ray suggested not to buy an anvil now till i see the difference in his several ones. but any help would be appreciated thanks.

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