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I am new to this site and to blacksmith work, so go easy on me.
I was just at the Homstead Fair in Waco TX. and watched them make a simple axe/hatchet. I have a gas forge and a 300 pond Anvil that I would like to try making an axe with. I have done some simple bending and twisting and hinges and a door lock but nothing like welding yet. Does any one know where I can get written instruction or watch a video on this subject?
I would appreciate any information , I have seen some neat axes on this forum and I do not expect to create anything near this quality.
Thank you
Don Dunn

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May I suggest you start by trying some versions where you punch and drift the eye and don't need to weld?

Is your gas forge one that will weld? (many of them don't and welding can be quite hard on a forge not set up for it as the flux eats most refractories)

As for written instructions pretty much every blacksmithing book out there will have them. In particular I believe I recall that Charles McRaven's book Country Blacksmithing covers making axes this way. abebooks.com lits a copy for around $4-5

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I suggest that you think about joining the California Blacksmith's Association www.calsmith.org There are a number of instructors in the bay area affiliated with CBA, having someone show you, is a whole lot more efficient than reading about it. I've tried both, and though I do learn from reading, videos, etc. nothing compares to hands-on instruction.

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Amything you wish to forge will require a set of skills that you may not have now. You should develop general forging skills over an extended period of time and develop proper body mechanics, learn to maintain and use a forge, lears how steel moves when forged and then onto forge welding. Slitting and drifting, and the use of most common top tools should be included aAnd then there is the large area of heat treating stell for optimum benefits. The bvery easisest way I know to shorten thelearning curve you have already discovered. Ask questions and learn what it is you need to study. The above answers add to that knowledge. Seeing someone else forge will help a lot Cba is likely your best bet to get where you wish to go in a reasonable amount of time. Attend their meetings and work on your own.Then more meetings etc. The very best any of us can do to learn is to set aside money and time for more education on a regular schedule.

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