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Interesting lightning rod on eBay...Give me a break!!


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Ok, first off, if the person selling this is a member here, sorry if I offend you!!!

Take a look at this auction, and tell me what you think.

100% GLASS ANVIL BLACKSMITH FARRIER LIGHTNING ROD -TOOL - eBay (item 260512387484 end time Dec-04-09 10:16:18 PST)

Lightning rod my butt, it's an Avon perfume bottle, which is VERY common, married to a few pieces to make a "lightning rod". Bet it would hold up well under harsh wind, rain and-he he-lightning!

I couldn't sleep if I sold this to someone without divulging the true nature of the components.


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Avon bottle or not it appears to be what it is advertised as. The bottom and top of the bottle are probably drilled out, making a continuous rod. The description also lists it built around a UL/ANSI listed lightning rod and base hardware. While I think it is a neat idea, I'll pass anyways.

Sadly their website is flagged by google as a malware site.


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