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A semi-experienced noob. ;)


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Hello everybody! Got called into the site by matt87, on a comment he made on one of my blogs. About a year ago, I got a small and well worn Buffalo Forge (coal) and an ancient 100lb anvil with a horn that looked like it had been dropped on its nose from a plane. I was hooked immediately, and have been tinkering here and there for about 12 months now.

I haven't dropped by until now, since I live off-grid and posting from a cell-phone is nightmarish. However, the friend who gave me the forge needed it back for some work he was doing, and now I am getting ready to build a propane forge for my job, so I figured I would be needing a touch of help in the design. Fortunately, I have a really nice welding rig and torches, so the building will be easy. The planning part... well... uhm. . .

Anyways, thanks for having me!

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