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Hi Everyone,

I admire fine craftsmanship (BTW, my name is Bruce and I am also a tool-a-holic). I am 63 years old and love to learn new crafts. The subject of my post today is a brief introduction and a "probably beaten to death" subject; damascus steel blades...so I apologize in advance.

I am brand new to bladesmithing and got interested through some rudementary blacksmithing which I decided to try because of our horses shoeing needs.

I have long had a keen interest in blade making with first attempts using "material removal" from a single chunk of steel...but that doesn't do it for me...I want to make damascus steel. Can someone tell me what kinds of steel go into "damascus" steel an in what proportions? I am sure some, and maybe all bladesmiths keep the composition secret....so if I am asking anything that might be taboo, I apologize. Anything information is greatly appreciated!

Bruce, the newbie!

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Could we get you to update your profile to give your location? Just click on the 'User CP' in the green bar at top of the page. By doing this we can better help you by giving you heads up on tools, meetings, hammer-ins, and other blacksmith related stuff in your area. Shoot, with over 50 countries represented here there just might be a working smith just up the street!
Now to your question...kinda like flying the space shuttle before you learn to fly a paper airplane! I would suggest that you learn general forging first, this way you will have a smaller scrap pile;) The learning curve is varly long when making "damascus" steel if you have no experience of any kind working/forging steel. I'm sure others will chime in and give you their $.02 just as I have. This is a very rewarding hobby/art and I'm sure what ever you do you will have a BLAST! Oh, BTW, there is a "bladesmith" forum here on IFI with TONS of info. May take a while to read it all so have something handy to eat and drink! Enjoy.

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